Q-Ride Pre-Learners Course

Q-Ride Course – Pre Learners LRE

To obtain your “L “plate license

Format – Classroom & On Range

Time – 2 Day course 7am-1pm 

Price – $578 (Note prices vary if course is undertaken at rural locations at either Charleville Roma or Dalby)

Bike and safety gear provided although if you have your own it is recommended you use it. 

The Q-Ride Pre-Learner motorcycle course was introduced on October 1st, 2016 as a way of training people without motorcycle experience to learn skills and ride safely and correctly in different road situations

It is Important to note you must hold a provisional or open license for one year, before you can enrol for your learners.

Our Q-Ride Pre-Learner course is delivered in the safety of a classroom and private range, when commencing the actual riding, our situations give you real life experience.


*1 on 1 classes are readily available.

* Evening classes available (conditions apply)


Once you have signed on, we will deliver some literature via email for your perusal. This is a competency based programme and we here at Bronson Rock Garage Q-Ride, believe that the more we can prepare you the better rider you will become.

Before you arrive at the range, ensure that you have logged into the TMR website and registered your email address with them. With this done we can assist you in obtaining your learners without the necessity of sitting in the TMR office!

In our Pre-Learners course you will learn motorcycle riding skills and most importantly the right attitude on the road! In a collision, cars trucks and trees will always win…safety and attitude first.


Motorcycle, Gloves, Helmet (PPE)

Bring your own bike if you have one! (don’t ride it here you’re not legal yet!) We may be able to transport it for you (*conditions apply) If you don’t, no problem we will have one here for you.

Please ware long sleeve shirt and pants, closed in shoes and bring a motorcycle riding jacket if you have one. If you don’t have any PPE you may wish to browse our on-line shop for some. This can be delivered ready for your first day (*conditions apply)

Gloves, Jacket and helmet will also be provided if need be.